Series A

The Founding Team

Work directly with an experienced team of founders and revolutionize the way the global flow of goods is organized.

Frederic Krahforst

CEO & Co-Founder
  • Unternehmer im Bereich Digitalisierung (Logistik, Baustoffe, Banken)
  • Aufsichtsrat der Einhundert GmbH, Leitung der Digitalisierung von ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE
  • Informationssicherheit und Informatik, Universität Oxford

Tobias Nendel

CPTO & Co-Founder
  • Entwickler und Unternehmer im Bereich E-commerce und Digitalisierung
  • Gründungsgesellschafter und CTO von Outfittery, Frohraum und Medikura
  • Informatik, TU München

Prof. Dr. Michael Bücker

CIO & Co-Founder
  • Professor der Data Science, FH Münster, Doktor der Mathematik
  • Data Science Leitung McKinsey Deutschland
  • Entwicklung von Automatisierungslösungen für Konzerne weltweit

Imagine yourself working here


Truly collaborative and frictionless supply chains


Radically simplify B2B shipment collaboration to create the most resilient and efficient supply chains in the world

Our Values

Growth Mindset

We're on a crazy ambitious path to building the world's supply chain collaboration layer and we embrace the thrill of every new challenge along the way.

We know that you value personal growth as highly as we do and that - like us - you want to have the greatest imaginable impact on this world.

So, if you're also aiming and pushing for the stars, we'll invest in you to get there and celebrate each success with you along the way.

Borderless World

Logistics and supply chains are inherently global and so are we. TradeLinkers are spread across more than 30 cities around the world, sharing a single remote-first work environment and sense of belonging with a close collaborative culture driven by impact.

Beyond the limitations of borders, we are openly welcoming the greatest characters from all origins, orientations and identities to build a truly impactful team - second to none - and make the world a more equitable place along the way.

Trusted Team

We're creating a world of frictionless collaboration and that starts in our team. Working together, we act with empathy, ensure everybody feels heard and full-heartedly get behind a decision once it's made.

Above all else, we trust each other. So, we share information openly, broadly and deliberately - transparency always wins.

We invest in helpful and timely feedback delivered with empathy, review decisions together and embrace failures openly as valuable learning opportunities.

User Obsession

We're in the business of making life easier for real people: our users.  

We are doing something truly ground-breaking - building the first end-to-end supply chain collaboration platform - and the only way to get there is by being deeply user obsessed: never assuming, honestly curious and always in search of their Why.

We appreciate that our users put a lot of trust in us for their daily decision making, so we pay this back by seeing the world through their eyes and always putting them first.

Our Investors and Advisors

Insight Partners, based in New York City, is one of the most successful software investors with more than 600 investments over the past 25 years.

Point Nine is one of European VC's seed funds and one of the most successful talent scouts in the world with 9 unicorns supported in the startup phase.

Fly Ventures is one of the few investors that understands how to penetrate traditional industries and make big bets on truly disruptive ideas.

Alexander Doll
Former supervisor member of DB Schenker, Current bvl board member
Alexander Hersham
Founder of Zencargo
David Nothacker
Founder of Sennder
Deepti Sahi
Founder LessonLeap & former Head of product inuit
Gianluca G. Puicco
SCM Tech PE Investor & in charge of Transporeon acquisition and sale
Hans Gerl
Head of Global Delivery Assurance at BMW Group
Jens Lapinski
Most active Angel investor in Europe
Julius Koehler
Founder of Sennder
Nikolaus Schefenacker
Founder of Sennder
Philip Leutiger
CDO of Larfarge Holcim (largest private logistics operations worldwide) & Ex-Partner Roland Berger
Sebastian Schuon
Founder of Alasco & Stylight
Stephan Kniewasser
Former MD of Transporeon & TeamViewer

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