Unsere Kultur.
Gestalte mit uns und unseren Partnern die Zukunft der Logistik.

Du identifizierst dich mit unserer Kultur?
Dann wirf doch einen Blick auf unsere offenen Stellen!

We 💙 new perspectives and create an environment to express them safely 

Our curious family culture at TradeLink embraces new and controversial ideas. We are aware that our perspectives are a product of our unique experiences in life and we value new perspectives as an important contribution to grow and reach even better results.  

We set ourselves high standards 

At TradeLink, you experience a culture of high standards and trust where people constantly improve and aim to exceed expectations.  We are convinced that personal growth drives career fulfillment and we invest in you so that you can become your best version with us. 

We 💙 collaboration 

At TradeLink we know that together we can reach outcomes that are far bigger than the sum of our contributions. This drives our deep-seated passion for collaboration and effective communication that is engrained in our product and our team work.  

We are proud to be professional 

TradeLinkers are a lot of fun during work and after work. At the same time, we enjoy staying focused and take great pride in being accountable team members striving for the highest standards in our daily work.  

We are deeply passionate about what we do

Life is too short for work you don’t love. We love our clients and the problems we are solving. We ponder about solutions under the shower and while we enjoy a drink with friends. Our fascination for making logistics easier and frictionless for everyone unites us.

We are humble and bold 

We have great respect for the achievements of others and do not take ourselves too seriously.  But don’t be mistaken, we take greatest joy in chasing and challenging ourselves with audacious and bold goals. We really don’t like to fail, but when we do, our positive failing culture enables us to incorporate new learnings into the next sprint and improve!   

We are remote social 

At TradeLink we don’t want to limit ourselves to geographic boundaries. We want to work with the best people around the globe. That's why our culture and team passion spans far beyond our local office. You will be able to witness a high spirit in our collective remote lunches and drinks where we share the latest personal and professional news.

We are egoless 

At TradeLink the best argument wins. That's why we are always interested in your point of view and the reasoning behind it. Our decisions are based on what is best for our joint success and not on personal preferences or hierarchy.
We value direct feedback well-delivered as a great investment.

We 💙 to execute

We are very proactive, action-driven and hands-on. We are hungry for results and impact.  We will empower you to be your best by equipping you with the right initial context for the job and the autonomy you need to thrive.